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Mykonos, July 2022 – Bonez MC (187 Strassenbande) & Raf Camora

What an honor! Once again we organize a video shoot. This time for none other than Bonez MC (187 Strassenbande) & Raf Camora. After a really short start-up time of about 14 days, the cat was already in the bag. Although we first played with the thought of another destination, we decided without further ado for Mykonos! Our plan turned out to be the right decision, because the second single from the album Palmen aus Plastik 3 became the summer hit par excellence. But more about that later.

After we had clarified on short official way flights for 12 persons from different airports, hotels to chill, fancy vehicles and naturally a most RAPprensentative mansion, it went for us on 14.07 in the evening from Ibiza over Barcelona to Mykonos. Of course with some delay and little comfort. Vueling just. For a price of 250 € but absolutely fine. Unfortunately, with the flights from Barcelona you arrive relatively early in the morning on Mykonos (about 04:30), so you always have to book your hotel one night in advance. But well, that’s just the way it is. 3 hours of sleep had to be enough, because then we already bagged a large part of the guys from the airport, who had also arrived relatively early from Berlin. In order not to lose any time, we just quickly dropped a few things at the hotel and explored the region around Platis Gialos and Ornos until the villa check in, which in most cases is not possible before 3 or 4 pm.

However, the time passed really quickly, so that we felt after lunch already directly to the check in. Wow, what a cottage! Highest standard, sensational equipment, breathtaking views, fat pool with cozy Jacuzzi and a really inviting bar area promised a few fun but also busy days.

Here I would like to thank again expressly all partners!

To be able to organize car, quad and scooter rental, jet ski rental, dj’s, actors and actresses, equipment like Asterea lights, restaurant and club reservations, food deliveries to the villa, transfers and much more, you need strong but above all reliable partners!

In addition to many video shoots and location scouting, I also like to go into detail for you about the restaurants we visited:
Besides dozens of cafes in the really gorgeous old town, we also went to Hachikō Sushi Tales by my buddy Minos from Athens, Scorpios and Nammos.

The latter two are a bit upscale in price but of course an experience! Both Scorpios and Nammos function as beach clubs during the day, where you can also rent sunbeds. The Scorpios is also an event & party location. I recommend visiting both, even if I like Scorpios a bit better because of its Mykonos style.

If you like good prices and excellent sushi, check out Hachiko. The view is really sensational and the location is perfect for a walk through the old town.

By the way, the video has become a complete success and has already collected over 5 million views on YouTube after 3 months.

Feel free to take a look here:

As always, we welcome all news and are happy to give you tips on various hotels, villas and local options.

You can find our villa here:

After 5 days of hard work we went back to Ibiza! Mykonos was a highlight as always. We are really happy to be so well connected here and look forward to your inquiries.


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