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Ibiza, October 2022 – Closings

Welcome to Ibiza Closing Month October! Before we go into more detail about which clubs, which beach clubs and which restaurants are really worth it for the closing, we would like to draw a short seasonal summary.

The year was hot! In the truest sense of the word. Not only the temperatures were over months at the absolute limit, but also we often had to fall back on our last reserves, because the number of hits from May/June until now was really enormous! After 2 years of restrictions and restrictives, the energy was really noticeable to all! It’s nice to see that the world is getting a little more balanced again, at least in this respect.

Speaking of hot, hot parties, hot villas, hot video shoots, and a red-hot email and Whats App wire drove our team to peak performance. So we personally close the 2022 season really more than satisfied. In addition to numerous brokered villas, apartments and yachts, our own villa El Mirador also did really outstanding in its first year (Instagram: El Mirador Uno).

But let’s get to the closings! Due to the weather and the past pandemic, the island was still packed! No matter who we talked to, everyone was flashed on the absolutely awesome Ibiza vibe these days! Whether Ushuaia, HI, Lio or Pacha – we have taken a close look at all closings for you:


Party Ibiza Ushuaia

An outstanding closing of one of the most famous open air clubs in the world! It is still a real pleasure to let yourself go under a starry sky, light shows and just under a flying plane. The line ups this year were a real treat, with Afterlife being my favorite musically. The table prices were, depending on the act, once again enormous. For 1.5K minimum consumption, there is a standing table. If you want to sit further forward, you should calculate the 5-6 times. For the VIP tables in zone 1 at least 15 times. But there is also the normal dance floor!

Hï Ibiza

Our personal favorite among all clubs! The sound is really outstanding and the toilet parties probably unique in the world! Unforgettable remains this year’s B2B between David Guetta and Artbat. What a sound – what a demolition. The “Theatre” was shaking! Here our amigo Chris Braun (Istagram: chrisbraun_official) really delivered full board! Congratulations for that at this point! Table prices are similar to Ushuaia. Even a bit higher at Black Coffee. However, there are serious differences between Club Room and Theatre! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Lio ibiza

For all those who do not know it yet: Lio is a cabaret restaurant/club on the harbor with a sensational view of Ibiza’s old town. Often copied – never equaled. Because the Lio lives from its unique atmosphere and that really only exists to this extent in Ibiza. The insinuating red lighting of the location, the deep dark water of the harbor in the evening, the glamorous passing yachts as well as the picturesquely illuminated old town not only get our Super Like but will also match perfectly with each of you!

The food at the closing unfortunately fell a little short of expectations. The drinks, the vibe but especially the show compensate for everything else! A must-see in Ibiza! The minimum price per person is 250€. This should also be planned at least.


The classic among the clubs of Isla Bonita. A visit to the Pacha’s is therefore also in cultural terms an absolute hit.The Pacha 2022 was but above all also one: FULL! We don’t need to talk about the parties. The HI may be better, the Amnesia shows more impressive, the people at Ants in the Ushuaia even more freaky, but Pacha is cult and exudes an incredible vibe. The table prices are somewhat based on the parties. Friday with Marco Carola and Sunday with Solomun were by far the most expensive parties this year.

Finally, I would like to give you one thing to take with you: We are not only Ibiza!

If you need more than Ibiza very quick, please contact SASA NIK!

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