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Ibiza, Januar 2022: Blick Richtung Zukunft

Ibiza, January 2022, Look towards the future

Actually, we planned to spend parts of the winter in Germany and visit some partners, but the Covid 19 pandemic threw a spanner in the works. The restrictions in Germany are too great, the comparatively minimal restrictions in Spain are too seductive.

So it came as it had to come. Shortly before New Year’s Eve, Heidi and Sascha drove from northern Germany towards Ibiza. 2500 kilometers, 22 hours, 4 different countries, 1 overnight stay in Lyon, dozens of fuel stops and a ferry crossing from Barcelona to Ibiza. Incidentally, this time we chose the Italian ferry company GNV instead of the usual Balearia. Better price and in the end really better “comfort” if you can talk about it on a ferry.

Arrived in Ibiza we made our way straight to the new and exclusive SASA NIK villa in the mountains of Es Cubells. 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, outdoor fitness, infinity pool and absolute tranquillity.

But unfortunately there is still a lot to do, because before the house goes into tourist rentals in April and can be booked exclusively through us, we still have to or want to make a few upgrades to make your Ibiza vacation here unforgettable.

But back to the current situation:

Winter in Ibiza is gorgeous. Mild temperatures, lots of sun, cool beach restaurants, lots of nature and of course a party or two.

The island sport during the winter months is clearly hiking, or “Wandern” in German. Ibiza offers you not only Villa & Yacht, but also a fantastic nature with breathtaking hiking trails. The tours can be done alone or with a guide.

Furthermore, we are of course currently checking all accommodations for 2022. Would you like to spend an Ibiza holiday in a chic villa?

Then feel free to contact us at any time.

Speaking of accommodation:
In addition to Ibiza, we also offer many other destinations. In addition, we also have a huge portfolio and network for cheap hotels, apartments or rental cars.

Cause if you dream about your holiday and need it very quick – please call SASA NIK.

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