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Villa auf Ibiza aus dem Musikvideo 2CB von RAF Camora & Luciano

Ibiza, August, video shoot for the song “2CB” by RAF Camora & Luciano

The video for the song "2CB" is available here:

After the video shoot in June, the next production should follow in August 2021. In collaboration with Don Pedro Entertainment we had the honor to organize the video shoot of Raf Camora and Luciano for the number 1 hit “2CB”.

This of course presented us with an exciting challenge. Strong, reliable and, in case of doubt, accommodating local partners were required, especially given the current situation, possible quarantines, travel warnings and other stumbling blocks.

Thanks to our broad and strong network for fincas and villas, the right accommodation was quickly found. A glamorous video deserves a glamorous location and so they chose the truly stunning 9-bedroom Villa Calli. Impressions of the villa, which is located in the hills of Sant Jordi and offers a mega view over Ibiza town to Cap des Falco, can be found here:

After the location was secure, we took care of the two black Jeep Wranglers, a Mercedes G-Class AMG, the catering, the surroundings on the day of shooting, all transfers, additional photo and videographers, outdoor locations, beach clubs, filming permits in the Blue Marlin as well as other individual restaurants such as the Casa Maca and the video & photo shoot on the yacht Legendary chartered by us.

The 6 days flew by and the shoot was a sensational mix of hard work and lots of partying. Ibiza like.

The song went to number 1 in the charts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Crazy, because suddenly the video felt like it ran up and down and you were a part of it.

Of course, the smooth process and the high level of service we were able to provide made us very proud, because in the end we were all enthusiastic about the video, especially given the difficult current circumstances and uncertainty.

For other large projects, we have added various new 4-person villas, 8-person villas, 10-person villas, 12-person villas and some 20-person villas to our portfolio.

Of course not only for video productions but also for you and your Ibiza vacation!

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